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Add Headline Lists to Your Website

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1. Log into the AcuWeb Admin

2. Once logged in, click on the “Updater” tab:

3. Under the Updater section, click on the “SiteMap” subnav tab:

4. Look for the  "detail" page of your news or press release section of your website look for names like [ press releases detail ] or [news detail]  page and click the “Edit Content” icon.

5. The list that you see on the next screen (Content list view) is all the stories that area assigned to the headline list page.

On this page, click the “Add New Content” button in the upper right corner of the screen:

6. On the “Edit Content” screen, type in your Title [which is also what will appear in the 'News Ticker', if you include this story in the
'Ticker' list] and then your content into the content editor:
TIP :: Be aware of the length of your headline, if the section of your live site the displays the Headlines has limited space some word maybe cut off.

7. Unless you need to customize them, skip over the “Start and End Dates" -- the default values are usually fine, because you want
press releases to stay on the site, long-term. ("Start" is automatically set for today; "end" for 09/09/2099. If you need to change either
of those dates to something other than the default, simply click into each date field and then select the date you wish to adjust.)

8. Go to “Publish on Page” and under the Page 1 section, click on the Content Zone drop-down list and choose “None (for dynamic
lists)”. Please leave "Sort Order" blank because, unlike regular story content, your press release lists do not work with the Sort Order
field (instead, they sort utilizing the Event Date; more on that below).

9. Go to the “Assign to Lists” section. Enter the Event Date (this must MATCH the 'Start Date' for this press release). In the “Include in” section, choose the News page you wish it link to show on Example titles will be “News & Events" or "Recent Announcements”.

In the “Teaser” and “Teaser Link” fields on the right side add the short text you wish to lure your reader to read the full article and in the Teaser Link add the word that they will click on to see it, example, "Read More" or "Full Story".

10. When done, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen...

11. Close the window (click the 'X' at far lower right) . . .

12. . . . and then click the “Post to Web” button to publish your content live to the website:

13. Your done. View your changes on the website.

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