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Prepping CAD Files for Acuity

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For our real estate clients and others who have CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files, generated by AutoCAD® or similar programs, the following are helpful tips for preparing these files for Acuity's use in helping you market your properties. This can include elevations, renderings, floorplans, site plans (plats), or any other type of vector-based, computer-generated drawing originated in a CAD environment.

  • The best way to send CAD files to Acuity is to export the file as a .dwg file. We are able to convert .dwg files to a format that works will with our graphic design and web authoring software.

  • Before exporting your CAD file, please turn off all layers that aren't necessary for use in your marketing materials; then save and export the file.

  • For example, if you're sending a building floorplan, the marketing version of that plan typically doesn't need to include the electrical, plumbing or HVAC details, or the window dimensions. Turn these layers off before exporting the file and that will save us a great deal of file 'clean up' time, and thus save you money!

  • For plats or area maps, please turn off all topo or geography layers, all sections of the community should be on separate layers as well as text.
  • Generally, we can accept most .dwg files as e-mail attachments, since they are typically fairly small. However, if you need to send us a large number of files (i.e., several dozen at a time), we recommend you burn them to a CD and overnight them to us at the address below; or contact us to make arrangements for FTP-ing [uploading] the files to us in a batch.

If you have any questions as you are prepping your files, please contact:Michael Parrish615-591-7025, ext. 203Michael@Acuitymarketing.comShipping:Acuity Marketing Communications, Inc.attn: Michael Parrish1111 Battlewood StreetFranklin, TN 37069-6453

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