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Changing Your Captcha Settings

You can change the reCaptcha (the distorted words required at the end of a form for security) at any time, you will be sacrificing mobile compatibility in favor of an easier Captcha method, just click the SETTINGS link at the upper right of the site admin ….

… and then open the "AcuWeb Contacts Settings" pane.  The second item down, "CAPTCHA - for public forms" has radio-buttons that allow you to choose which type of Captcha device you wish to use on that site.  As we find and implement additional Captcha options, they will also appear here...

… after you've made your Captcha selection, scroll to the bottom of the screen and 'Save Changes' to activate the Captcha method you've selected…

NOTE :: This will change the Captcha on ALL forms on the site.  It is not possible to employ differing Captcha methods on individual forms within a given website.

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