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Adding a PayPal button to your site

Setup a PayPal account

Visit PayPal and and choose the the type of account that works best for you.

Create a button with Paypal

Once you have created a PayPal accont, click on the Merchant Services tab to create a payment button for your website. Enter the optional item details, then select a button or use your own image to customize the look of your button.

Sample custom buttons:

Optional: Enter information about shipping, sales tax, your logo, and the page users are sent to after payment; or you can let your Buyer fill in the appropriate fields during purchase.

PayPal will generate HTML code which includes all details of your payment. Highlight and copy this unique HTML code.


Add your botton to your AcuWeb Updater page

Once logged into you AcuWeb™ Updater site click on the "Updater" tab followed by the "Sitemap" tab.

Then click on the "Edit Content" icon of the page you wish to add your PayPal button.

In the Content area click on the "Source" button on the left, Paste in your PayPal button code, Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen. Once saved click the "Post To Web" button and your done!


For more information about PayPal buttons and payment methods visit their support page

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