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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General FAQ

I posted a link on Facebook of a page I set up in Updater, but when I do, the link shows up labeled differently than I expected. How do I change the way the link is labeled?

This usually happens if you copy the parent page on the sitemap and forget to change the title field. This can be easily fixed.

  1. Edit the page title (edit page from the site map) to how you want it to display on Facebook (or any social media site) and save changes.
  2. Be sure to "Post to Web" to show your changes live on the website.
  3. Then, log back into your Facebook account, delete the post by clicking the "X" icon in the right of the post and resubmit the link.
    NOTE: Facebook doesn't not change the title of a link once it's posted. You will manually have to delete and repost the link.

Why can't I log into my Updater admin account in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer security settings may be set to a high level and as a result rejects cookies. In order to log in and successfully, you must have cookies enabled on your browser. Learn how to enable cookies in IE.

How do I submit my website to Google?

Acuity has a talented staff with deep experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) who can help you with making your site more prominent in Google search results.  If you'd like to know more about the type of services we offer, affordability, etc., please feel free to contact us.  However, if you'd like to try doing it yourself here are a couple of basic tips:

  • First, make sure you have keywords and a description on each page of your site that you want submitted. You can do this by logging into your Updater Admin account and clicking "Site Map" on the "Jump to..." menu. Click "Edit Page" next to the page you wish to add keywords and a description to. Once you are in the edit page mode, scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your keywords in the "" field, each one separated by a space. Type in a brief, but descriptive summary of your site in the "" field. When done, click "Save Page " at the top of the page, and then "Publish Website " to commit changes to your live site.
  • Then, go to Google's submit URL site, type in the address of your website (i.e., and follow the directions.

Please keep in mind that it could take up to several weeks (typically a month to six weeks) for your website to appear in most major search engines.  Even as large an enterprise as Google cannot instantly monitor the entire World Wide Web; Google's automated "spiders" do a good job of monitoring the WWW for new sites and information, but due to its vast size, even Google needs time to become aware of your updates!

How do I check my spelling when using Updater or Contact Manager?

The content editor for Updater and ContactManager does not include a spell check. Some browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera, include an internal spell check. Internet Explorer does not include one, which is all the more reason to switch.

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Updater FAQ

Why isn't my image showing on my website after I set it up in the story edit view?

More than likely the "Insert Image" button was not pressed after setting up a graphic or photo. Learn more...

How do I hide a page I am working on from being "live" on the website?

Go to "Site Map" from the "Jump to..." menu and click "Edit Page" next to the page you wish to hide. In the top section under "Options" uncheck the box "Include in Navigation." Press "Save Page" and then "Publish Website."

Can I specify a date range in any of the date fields?

Yes you can. You can use a date range in the "Calendar Date" field only. Simply type your date in this format in the Calendar Date field input box.
Format: mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy (Ex: 02/08/2008-03/25/2008)

Why did I get an error pop-up window while inserting a link in a story?

More than likely, you are using an older version of Internet Explorer. We suggest you upgrade to the latest version for better security and improved performance. Not an Internet Explorer fan? Upgrade to Firefox. After upgrading and you continue to see the error, the problem could be that you are not waiting for the pop-up link window to fully load before clicking an option. If your website is very large, it may take it a little longer because the link window loads every page of your site in the drop-down menu.

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ContactManager FAQ

How do I create name tags using the file from exported contacts?

To create name tags, you will need to use Microsoft Word and Excel. The tutorials demonstrate how to import a XLS spreadsheet into a mail merge using MS Word.

See a Video Tutorial |Read a Text Tutorial

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eFlyer FAQ

Why am I getting duplicates of the eFlyer I sent out?

The reason you are getting eFlyer duplicates in your email inbox is because are each assigned to multiple groups; thus, you receive the mailing one time for each group that is selected in the mailer set-up window, to which you are already assigned. This means that if you belong to three groups and each of those three groups is included in an outgoing mailing, you'll get three copies.

To avoid getting duplicates, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new group called "Admin"
  2. Assign yourself to this new admin group.
  3. Remove yourself from all the other groups.
  4. When you send out an eFlyer, assign the Admin group in addition to the other groups you need to send the eFlyer to.

If you have others that are complaining about duplicates (that are not considered an "admin"), you may need to remove duplicates from your contact list. Learn more »

Why do I get an error when I use my email address in both the "From" and "To" fields when setting up an eFlyer?

We found that some eFlyers were getting rejected as spam if the person sending the email also addressed it to themselves as a recipient.  Our firewall specialists say this "address-to-self" technique is apparently a big red flag to many junk mail firewalls, thus the modifications to eFlyer to prevent eFlyers from winding up on "known junk mail" lists.

To test your eFlyers, simply to set the "From" email to that of another working (or real) email in your company. You can even use a generic company email that you know works. You may also use a home email address if you like. Just be sure to change the "From Email" field to a company-branded email address before sending it out to your clients.

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AcuWeb™Events FAQ

How do I know that people are registering for my event?

You can check to see who has registered for an event or a specific activity. Learn more »

Can I export a list of attendees for a specific activity?

At this time, AcuWeb™Events will allow you to export an entire list of attendees for an event rather than a more specific list of attendees for an activity.

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AcuWeb™Files FAQ

Is there a way that after a file has been viewed or download there is indicator that that file has been accessed?

For files that have been viewed and downloaded in AcuWeb™Files (public or admin), the time is recorded and the user who accessed the file. This is recorded per each file that is clicked (Preview or Download) and information is listed under the "History" section in the admin (Edit File).

You may also consider setting up a consistent method for re-naming files before they are uploaded to the system including taking advantage of the "Name" field in AcuWeb™Files.

Is it possible to have a standard template to use while setting up new categories in AcuWeb™Files?

There's really no way forAcuWeb™Files  to know which categories you'll need for any given project, although (as your new Project Manager has suggested) having your own standard list of possible categories will help you organize and streamline the set-up of new projects; and, because you can create as many categories as you like, you can certainly create "review" and "approved" sub-categories for each item; just bear in mind that as your Categories list gets longer, you may periodically want to do some "weeding" (actual deleting) of categories associated with projects that are now completed or no longer relevant.

Why is it when I search for a file by category that it only pulls up associated files within that category and not include the subcategory files?

The Search tool in AcuWeb™Files allows you to select either a Category or a Keyword on which you want to filter your search results.  If you select the Category first, and THEN click the SEARCH button, yes, the resulting list will be filtered to show only files assigned to that specific category.

The other way to narrow search results is to type in a Keyword you know to be associated with the file(s) you're looking for.  The keyword search looks at the name of the files as well as the Keyword field, so if your files are named with a standard naming method, and/or have keywords added in the file admin, a Keyword search should also find all files with that Keyword in their title, or in their keyword list.

How do I turn on or off the Categories search (for vendors)

• Log into Updater, go to AcuWeb™Files.
• Click on Settings in upper right corner of screen.
• Click on the AcuWeb™Files Settings heading.
• Uncheck the box next to the item labeled "Include Category Field in the File Search Form?" to turn it OFF
• Check the box next to the item labeled "Include Category Field in the File Search Form?" to turn it ON 
• Then click the “Save Changes” button.

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AcuWeb™Forms FAQ

Why am I getting a Parse error or an icon in place of a form on my website?

If you have either a Parse error (EX: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /Users/scenario/www/contact.php on line 69 or a red AcuWeb™Forms icon in place of a form that should be on your page, the reason is that some of the form you inserted has been accidentally edited or removed because you were editing directly above or below the form.

To fix the problem, edit the content by backspace or deleting the remaining form elements.

To prevent this from happening, insert the form into separate content story to prevent accidental editing. If you must keep your entire content within the same story, simply hit the return key (adding breaks) several times and put your cursor in between some of the breaks before inserting a form. This will allow ample space before and after your form to prevent the code from breaking. Learn more »

Why can't I put a FormsManager form directly in my eFlyer?

You can't embed a form in an eFlyer because it requires a different "protocol" (programming language) in order to function properly (all eMail uses SMTP -- Standard Mail Transfer Protocol). Forms require other protocols, so instead of embedding your AcuWeb™Forms form -- after you've set up the Form on your website -- include the link to the form in the text of the eFlyer, instead.

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Google Analytics FAQ

How can I check on my website's traffic?

As of June, 2009, all AcuWeb sites are equipped with Google's Analytics tracking tool to monitor and analyze web traffic. From your site's AcuWeb Menu, simply choose Google Analytics and then click the button labeled "Access Analytics" on the Google website. Unless you had previously set up your own Google account, your Analytics password will be the same as the one you use for your AcuWeb admin log-in.

For clients using AcuWeb tools prior to June, 2009, you may also see a menu item for AcuTraffic™ -- our legacy traffic tracking program that pre-dates the switch to Google analytics  It is also accessed from the "Website Statistics" section of your AcuWeb Menu.

The purpose of both Google analytics and AcuTraffic™ is to provide an idea of the type of visitors, thus providing insightful information for further improvement of the web site.

Can Google analytics tell me the names of people who visit my site?

No, the most Google can do is record the I.P. (internet) address of the computer the site visitor is using -- which is not externally identifiable beyond the regional level [i.e., on about the scale of a telephone exchange (the middle three numbers in a 10-digit phone number] -- unless you're duly-authorized law enforcement or other entity and can require the internet service provider to divulge what customer accounts are associated with particular I.P. addresses.

Beyond logging I.P. numbers and making note of which web browser the visitor is using, Google's stated policy is that it does not examine or record any other internal information on the user's computer, especially not in order to surreptitiously obtain any personally- or corporately-identifiable information. (The latter issue, in part, is why Google pulled out of China in protest; the Chinese government wanted Google to keep tabs on political dissidents' web browsing.)

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