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Introduction to AcuWeb™5.1

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What’s New?

This page will help you get acquainted with the features of AcuWeb™5.1 -- the fifth generation AcuWeb tools, which now make it easier than ever for you to manage even a technically-sophisticated website, without the need for any prior web-tech knowledge.  If you can use a word processor and have ever filled in an online form, you can master the AcuWeb 5.1 in a matter of minutes.

Watch video overviews about AcuWeb apps Watch a brief video about the AcuWeb suite of business web tools Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Updater - website content management app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Contacts - web-based customer contact management app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb eFlyer - web-based group email app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Forms - web-based form builder app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb's Gallery - web-based photo gallery and slideshow builder app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Directory - web-based hierarchical listing management app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Events - web-based event promotion and marketing app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Profile - web-based professional credential presentation app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Portfolio - web-based product & project presentation app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Files - web-based, access-managed document control system

When you log into your Acuweb administrator's page, the first thing you'll notice is the new navigation bar at the top.  Our example shows a site with all of our Acuweb tools enabled.  Your site will show only those tools to which you're currently subscribed -- but take a moment to learn about all the Acuweb 5.1 tools -- there may be features in here that you could put to work for your site, too.

New Look
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If you're already familiar with the Acuweb system, you'll notice a few things have changed in Acuweb 5.1.  First, on the left, you'll see that we have now posted links to some of the most popular and useful Acuweb support tutorials -- perfect if you are doing something new, or something you haven't done in awhile, and need a quick 5-minute refresher. All of these links take you to text and video tutorials on our Acuweb support site, where you'll find a wealth of information.

Remember that you can also get to the Acuweb support site quickly, from any administrative screen, by clicking the 'help' link at the upper right of the screen. Once you're logged in, on the right, you'll see our 'Acuweb news' items -- things we post that we feel will are important and will be of use to you as your site administrator .   

These items now shown in a collapsible panel -- click on any item to view the story.  This concept of collapsible panels is something you'll see throughout Acuweb 5.1 -- a convenient way to organize your options, so you're only viewing the information you need at any given time. For the complete run down of new items in AcuWeb™ 5.1 visit our release notes, here.

There's much more to AcuWeb™ 5.1.  Please take a few minutes to explore our quick introductory tutorials with step-by-step information, which cover the functions of each of our new AcuWeb™ 5.1tools, beginning with Updater, our time-tested, easy-to-use content management system.











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